Kaushik Nagar, Chunapur Road, Purnea, Bihar - 854303
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  • Flatten the Curve. Stay Home. Stay Safe.
Important Notice  
  • The School reserves the right to revise the Tuition Fee and other fee at the end of the session which will be noticed one month before the start of the new session. The school also reserves  the right to revise the Transport fees (due to hike in fuel prices) during the session.
  • The school is a non-profit making and unaided institution, hence, it can propose interest free loan and extra refundable security money, which will be binding on all the students concerned.
  • Name of the student will be struck off in case of indiscipline act on the part of student or the concerned parents/ guardians.
  • The student who damages the school property, will have to pay for the loss. If a particular student is not found then all the students of the concerned class or group will have to pay for the loss.
           S .K. Jha    Niraj Kumar Singh      
           Asst. Regional Director  Principal